First Team to Join the League

Friedrich-Wilhelm von Burgdorf

(Altdorf) It has just been confirmed that the Burgdorf Barons will join the GNRBBL! The “Red Barons” have been around for a while, but only recently joined the pro circuit. The team was founded by Baron Karl-Heinz Hermann von Burgdorf, father of current owner Baron Friedrich-Wilhelm von Burgdorf.

They are called the Barons, because when Karl-Heinz founded the team originally, the whole team was made up of relatives of his which also held the title of baron (or “Freiherr” as it is used correctly in the far-flung reaches of the Empire). There are many tiny baronies in the northern forests of the Ostermark and most of their rulers are related to Karl-Heinz, so putting together a Blood Bowl team of all-baron family members was quite feasible and generally considered a smashing idea.

Pretty soon, it was decided that this was, in fact, a very stupid idea. Mostly because the team was quickly running out of family members to field – what with all the deaths and crippling injuries. Nowadays, Karl-Heinz’ son Friedrich-Wilhelm runs a much more conventional Blood Bowl team made up of hired players. The name stuck, though, which is why the red-clad players are to this day referred to as “The Barons”.

The team is coached by the very capable Fab von Schertz and bookkeepers are already reported to have them pegged as a favourite to win the first Gnurbl season. Rumours that this is mostly due to the fact that their coach is also the League Commissioner are completely baseless, of course. Von Schertz is as honourable a man as is imaginable and sources close to the Gazette speak very highly of his character and motivations. The league is therefore honoured and excited to welcome this magnificent team to the proceedings. ⚅