Nuffle be Praised!

(Altdorf) Due to finally seeing the light and coming back to love the greatest game of them all, I have decided to create my very own Blood Bowl league and name myself League Commissioner. I haven’t played this game since I was a kid but I am convinced we must play more of it! Any rumours that my recent enthusiasm has everything to do with the Game Wizards recently releasing a brand new boxed game are, of course, completely baseless.

Since I don’t have any friends – for if they were real friends, they would surely play Blood Bowl with me – the plan is to set up an online league, possibly using FUMBBL. Cyanide’s Blood Bowl 2 is another option, of course.

I am currently looking for coaches to join the league and enter a team. If you think you’d be up for a season of 6 – 10 matches plus playoffs with a group of total beginners, let me know via immediately. We’re probably looking at a match of two hours max every other week here. That should be doable for most people. And remember: Blood Bowl is a lot of fun so you’ll probably laughing your arse off most of the time. Well, the part of the matches when Nuffle isn’t cursing your dice. So… maybe some of the time. Come on already, let’s do this! ⚅